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Responsive Web Banners- See it, Like it, and Buy it!

Responsive Web Banners- See it, Like it, and Buy it! With our new responsive web banners, your dream bathroom or kitchen is just a click away!

A Responsive Web Banner is an image on the website that redirects you to a new page location when you click on it, often indicated by a dot or a tag. 

Plumb-it invested in this tool to help you navigate our website quickly with a few simple clicks. These clickable images will not only help you find the products you desire but will also inspire your dream bathroom or kitchen!

If a white dot blinks on an object displayed in our web banner, it means that it is available on our website. If you are interested in the item on the banner and would like more information about it, click on the dot to view the product, request a quote, or buy it. 


Imagine having the picture-perfect kitchen sink or a breathtaking bathroom with a matching bath and basin straight out of a magazine! With our banners, you can achieve this.

Clicking on the promotion banners on our website will lead you directly to the promotion page where you will be able to see the entire list of marked-down items, and if you are curious about a certain brand, clicking on their logo will take you to their entire product listing.

You never know when you might see something new or inspiration might strike! Be sure to keep an eye on our web banners!