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Hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water.

If it’s superior quality you’re looking for, look no further than the Hansgrohe brand. With almost 120 years of expertise, they are one of the top brands in the world of bathrooms.

If it’s superior quality you’re looking for, look no further than the Hansgrohe brand. With almost 120 years of expertise, they are one of the top brands in the world of bathrooms. The company founder Hans Grohe is enriching the lives of people all over the world with his craftsmanship and stunning designs.


Croma Range

For premium quality, intuitive and convenient control – the Croma shower range is stylishly coordinated. The Croma 100 shower wall bars will ensure many enjoyable showers. The hand shower features a timeless design and will integrate seamlessly into a classic or modern setting.

With its chrome surfaces and softly rounded rectangular shape, the Croma Select E shower range is pure pleasure. The hand shower allows selection from three jet types at the touch of a button. These hand showers are available in full shower sets and have matching overhead showers. 

The Hansgrohe Crometta shower head range is a great design for a smaller budget. It not only saves both water and energy but also offers high-quality new designs.

Raindance Range

The Raindance Classic Shower Range from Hansgrohe offers overhead and hand showers that are available with up to three exciting spray modes. They are all made of high-quality materials.

If you want to style your shower system to suit the colour scheme of your bathroom, the Raindance E is available in Matt Black, Matt White, Chrome, Brushed Black, Chrome, Polished gold Optic, and Brushed Bronze. The Hansgrohe Raindance E shower head is a well-thought-out shower system that consists of overhead showers, hand showers, and intuitively operated thermostats.

For the ultimate shower experience, the Raindance Select S shower range allows you to choose the shower spray that suits you. On the Raindance hand showers, this is integrated into the handle, in the multi-spray overhead showers, it is located in the middle of the spray disc. 

For the ultimate indulgence in your daily shower, the Rainfinity shower has special jet types including a micro-fine and ultra-quiet PowderRain setting to pamper you with a glorious showering experience. The Rainfinity showers come in chrome, gold, bronze, matt black, matt white, and brushed black chrome to suit every bathroom style.

With the Hansgrohe RainSelect range, you can enjoy convenient control of water with just one product. It is easy to control your ideal water temperature and volume. Switch between jet types on your overhead shower or hand shower at the touch of a button. The high-quality design, made from glass and metal, is perfect for a modern bathroom ambience. 

With its balanced design, the Hansgrohe Vernis Blend range is the perfect all-rounder for any bathroom. With its smooth curves, the Vernis Blend gives your bathroom a sense of both elegance and modernity. You have a selection of shower and bath mixers in exposed and concealed installation solutions, along with a matching bathtub spout.

The Vernis Blend offers a variety of showerheads and hand showers to choose from, along with a selection of shower arms, shower rails, and shower columns and are available with and without a thermostat. You will find this range in both chrome and matt black finishes. 

If you’re after a striking, streamlined bathroom atmosphere, the symmetrical Vernis Shape range, with its clear-cut edges will compliment your style. The Vernis Shape range provides a variety of showerheads and hand showers to choose from, along with a selection of shower arms, shower rails, and shower columns with and without a thermostat. Available in both chrome and matt black finishes.

Why not give your furry friend a spa experience with the Hansgrohe DogShower? The dogshower strokes your four-legged friend clean with water, without leaving them stressed.


The soft nozzle sprays massage and brush with water, while the three jet types are available for gentle TLC and efficient cleaning.


If you want to increase the water flow, simply push the water boost button when needed. 



For more bathtime fun, the Hansgrohe  Jocolino children's shower will transform


the daily bath drama into a fun time and precious family moment.


3 animal designs, 2 jet types, and 1 happy family! 



To complete your overall bathroom, look and tie everything together, the Addstoris bathroom accessories range from Hansgrohe adds visual and functional flair to your bathroom.

This range offers toilet brush holders, grab bars, corner baskets, robe hooks, toilet paper holders, soap dishes, towel rails and so much more in stunning colours like matt white, matt black, brushed bronze, polished gold optic, brushed black chrome and chrome. 

If coloured bathroom accessories are not your style, Hansgrohe offers a bathroom accessories range exclusively in chrome from the Logis and Decor range. Chrome fixtures are highly durable and will add to the final flair of the bathroom. This range offers towel rails, soap dishes, toilet paper holders, robe hooks, corner baskets, grab rails, toilet brush holders and so much more. 


If you’re after a timeless design and ultimate comfort, you will love the  Hansgrohe Décor bathroom range. Have a look at their quality basin mixers, bath mixers, shower mixers, sink mixers, and electric mixers for the modern bathroom.

Choose between chrome, black chrome, brushed black chrome, or matt black for the ultimate in quality and style. 


The Hansgrohe thermostatic shower mixer Ecostat range is a type of mixer shower that features a thermostatic valve that maintains a constant water temperature.


The valve is what makes this unique, mixing both hot and cold water together to a predetermined and consistent temperature.


The ultimate in luxury bathing and showering.


Sophisticated technology for exposed and concealed installation in bold colours like matt white, matt black, brushed bronze, polished gold optic, brushed black chrome, and chrome.



The Hansgrohe Exafill is a complete bath filler, waste, and overflow set for standard bathtubs.


The Exafill can be integrated into all types of installation and bathroom styles.


They perfectly complement modern taps and showers with their timeless design.


This range includes Nikki spouts and bath waste sets. All Hansgrohe products have a warranty of 15 years with the exception of all Hansgrohe sinks that have a 5-year warranty.


Offering the highest quality at all times is part of the Hansgrohe philosophy.



The Flowstar S bottle traps have gold, bronze matt black, black chrome, and chrome finishes to add a stylish addition beneath your sink.


For the most efficient water use in the kitchen, the Hansgrohe Aquno M81 will certainly impress you. Your fresh food will love this soft shower. The flat spray of the Aquno Select M81 is gentle on bruise-prone fruit and vegetables.

The water washes small delicate fruits efficiently when used with the Hansgrohe multi-function filter screen. The Hansgrohe Logis consists of a range of modern and affordable products like basin mixers, sink mixers, bath and shower mixers, and bidet mixers including taps for wall mounting and concealed installation.

The Hansgrohe Metris Select range is designed to give a greater degree of movement and accessibility to the kitchen sink space. The spout can be angled at 110 or 150 degrees and with a pull-out attachment, it gives an unmatched level of control over the angle and position of the water outlet. 

The Metropol range from Hansgrohe adds a touch of designer detail to your bathroom. You have various handles and spout height options to give you the freedom to choose your perfect basin mixer, shower mixer, bath, and bidet mixer. Floor-standing single-lever mixers for basins and baths are also available.

The Hansgrohe MySport offers outstanding design, high safety standards, and the ultimate in comfort. Combining water with air to pamper you with more voluminous, lighter, and softer water droplets on your skin. 

Hansgrohe manufactures taps in a variety of heights, so you are sure to find the perfect tap for your basin. The quality of the craftsmanship and design of the Talis range from Hansgrohe is unmistakable.


The elegant lines are continued in the matching basin mixers, bidet mixers, bath mixers, and shower mixers that are available in the different Talis E, Talis M54, Talis S, and Talis S2 ranges. Available in matt colours and elegant metallic finishes – matt black, matt white, chrome, brushed black chrome, polished gold optic, and brushed bronze. 



If you’re after a stainless steel kitchen sink or a granite kitchen sink, the Hansgrohe kitchen sinks range is functional, durable, and features impressive designs. They are available in five different sizes and as a compact single bowl sink or double bowl sink.


They can be installed surface-mounted or under-mounted; stainless steel sinks can also be integrated into the worktop flush-mounted.

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Showers such as hand showers and overhead showers, shower pipes and shower systems, and kitchen products such as kitchen taps and kitchen sinks.


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