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Geberit - Excellence in sanitary products

At Geberit, they use their passion for design and technology to inspire and excite consumers all over the world. 


Founded in 1874, Geberit has grown from a small family-run plumbing business into a world-class listed sanitary group.


At Geberit, they use their passion for design and technology to inspire and excite consumers all over the world. 


By applying their know-how and almost 150 years of experience in sanitary technology, they ensure their products are not just beautiful to look at, but truly make life easier and more comfortable.


Responsibly made from the finest, durable materials, Geberit products are a perfect balance of elegant design and outstanding function. They are easy to clean, easy to use, and increase comfort, illustrating the limitless possibilities created when Design Meets Function. 




The designer range Citterio combines unusual shapes with special materials, resulting in a distinct design language.


The unique design of the renowned Italian architect and designer Antonio Citterio reflects in this premium bathroom – timeless elegance and quality.


The Citterio Range has remarkable originality and offers a matching fit of Geberit basins, bathroom cabinets, countertop basins, a Geberit toilet, and a toilet seat.




The aesthetics of the Geberit Icon Range are defined by clean, sleek lines along the outer contours.  


The design flexibility of this range of ceramic appliances and bathroom furniture makes the Icon Range stand out due to its versatility.


This range consists of Geberit toilets, toilet seats, bathroom cabinets, and vanity basins. 


Icon Characteristics:
•    The subtle rounded inner basins offer a contrast to the strict outer geometry
•    Icon offers a large variety of bathroom furniture, ceramics, and illuminated mirror elements that can be combined flexibly
•    Geberit Rimfree toilets means better hygiene
•    Storage concept offering flexible combination options
•    Modern room planning and installation at different heights



If it’s a relaxing and positive bathroom ambience you’re after, then the Smyle bathroom series with its matching ceramic set of Geberit wall-hung basins, wall-hung toilets, and urinals is the range for you.


With its smooth and round design, it will create harmony in your bathroom, especially if combined with a matching Geberit round flush plate to complete the look.


The Smyle range brings light into family and guest bathrooms with a contemporary design.


The Smyle range achieves the highest level of convenience in the bathroom from any structural situation.

Smyle Characteristics:

•    Contemporary, uncomplicated and timeless
•    Slightly rounded edges on the handles of bathroom furniture
for a seamless transition from washbasin to cabinet
•    Modular furniture concept, different combination possibilities depending on taste and storage needs
•    Open or closed storage space options for more creative freedom
•    Rimless rimfree toilets with no hidden places for dirt to build-up
•     High-quality interior layout of the drawers
•    Washbasins in a square and round design
•    Impressive value for money



The Geberit Smyle Square bathroom series creates a contemporary bathroom with ornate lines and with its matching square-shaped ceramic set of Geberit wall-hung toilets, urinals, and wall-hung basins, you can create your unique bathroom with different combination possibilities depending on your taste.


Finish your contemporary bathroom with a square flush plate to complete the look. 




The Geberit VariForm design concept is based on the four basic geometric shapes – round, ellipse, oval, rectangle, and the three most common installation types, lay-on, countertop, and under-countertop. 

Countertop and lay-on washbasins are available both with and without a tap hole bench. The tap can be installed as a deck-mounted tap on the ceramic or the tap bench – or alternatively, as a wall-mounted tap on the pre-wall installation.

This range in combination with the serene stylistic elements of the VariForm bathroom furniture gives you free rein in designing your bathroom space however you like. 

The washbasins are resistant to cracks and scratchproof and easy to care for. They are all made from high-quality sanitary ceramic. 



With VariForm lay-on washbasins, the design possibilities of the washbasin area are endless.


Depending on personal taste and space, different combinations can be connected with each other according to preference. 

The washbasin cabinet is available in widths of 75 and 90 cm, each with one drawer.


The elements are additionally available as a set with a low cabinet of the same construction height or in an L-shape with a larger low cabinet. If more storage space or two washbasins are required in the bathroom, different combinations can be connected with each other according to preference. 



With a wide range of colours, the furniture blends in harmoniously with a large range of bathroom styles.


Choose between a White, Lava, Oak, and Hickory finish to create the ultimate luxurious bathroom. 


Only high-quality materials, moisture-resistant and easy-to-clean surface coatings, and long-lasting, securely functioning handles are used in the Geberit bathroom furniture ranges.


If you want to create a fresh and outstanding feature in your bathroom without disturbing the beauty of an existing wall, the Geberit Monolith will give you that elegant look that takes your bathroom to the next level. 


The Monolith’s impressive design comprises not only the aesthetic design but also the function, the product material, and the innovative technology behind it. 


If it’s new construction or renovation, installation of the sanitary modules could not be easier and requires no construction modifications whatsoever. 


Regardless of which colour you choose for the glass cladding of the Monolith sanitary module, every toilet looks elegant in front of it. 




•    Attractive alternative to conventional visible cisterns
•    Fits in with various wall and floor drains
•    Compatible with standard wall-hung ceramic pans
•    Renovation without construction modifications – no need to re-tile or re plumb the entire bathroom
•    Easy and quick installation, with the toilet being ready to use within a few hours



The Monolith Plus sanitary module is truly multi-talented. The intelligent sensor technology, the integrated odour extraction unit and the convenient flush actuation are only three of its many virtues.



•    Quiet fan for air cleaning
•    Discreet LED lighting
•    Integrated odour extraction unit
•    Sensor-controlled switch-on function via soft-touch button


Geberit South Africa is driven by custom innovation while making the boldest of design statements. This is why the company has become the market leader in cutting-edge sanitary technology.


The Geberit Monolith range typifies this approach – a multi-award-winning collection that has set the standard for luxury bathroom design. 



Geberit concealed cisterns are the classics of modern bathroom installations and have been installed for more than 50 years and millions of times around the world. They are known for their reliability, as every cistern is leak-tested before it is delivered.


The 25-year guaranteed spare parts availability provides long-term security. The flush volume of the Sigma concealed cistern 12cm can be limited to 4,5 liters. It is therefore exemplary in terms of water consumption and has achieved consistently high scores on the Water Efficiency Label. 


Apart from having a wide selection of Geberit flush plates, you also have reliable Geberit installation elements for installation behind the wall. They are available in three different installation heights and for front flush actuation, as well as flush actuation from above for lower installation heights.


Geberit flush plates bear the name of the compatible concealed cistern so that you can be certain that everything will match. 


Plumb-It Online stocks Geberit design Sigma concealed cistern 108 cm, as well as Kombifix element for wall hung 82 cm. 



If you’re looking for reliability and permanent connections, then the outstanding tensile strength of the pressing operation of Geberit mepla system pipes and Mepla fittings will suit all your installation tasks.

Plumb-It Online stocks a wide variety of Mepla fittings from Adpt W/Male or Female Thread, Mepla Bend Adpt W/Male or W/Female Thread, Couplings, Mepla Elbow, and Tap Connections, Pipe end plugs, Mepla reducers, Mepla T-Pieces, and system pipes.


Geberit HDPE discharge pipes are suitable for a multitude of application ranges in building drainage, roof drainage, in industry, in commercial or laboratory facilities, for placement in the ground, in concrete or bridge construction. 


If you’re looking for HDPE Bend 45-degree D50mm, 110mm or HDPE branch fitting 45-degree, 88,5-degree, swept entry, HDPE pipe D50mm or 110mm, threaded connection with screw cap or HDPE double B/Ball, Plumb-It Online stocks them and can deliver them nationwide.






Making the right choice is very important. You select the tiles that reflect your style, you choose your ceramic appliances, basin, taps, bath, and shower with the utmost of thought.


Why not have a wide choice of actuator plates? Geberit actuator plates don’t just look great, they also feature versatile functions.


It will give your bathroom the crowning touch and pamper you with comfort functions.


The integrated odour extraction unit, for example, is suitable with many actuator plates in the Sigma series. They combine intelligent functions with convenience, ensuring a heightened sense of freshness and cleanliness in the bathroom.


The Geberit duo fresh odour extraction with orientation light can be installed in all concealed cisterns from the Sigma range.


It has an orientation light and an insert for in-cistern blocks. The odour extraction unit removes unpleasant odours directly from the toilet. 

The LED orientation light behind the actuator plate provides discreet lighting when going to the toilet at night. 

Whatever your style preference, Plumb-It Online stocks the colour and style of Geberit actuator plate of your choice and can deliver them nationwide.


The Alpha Series and Sigma range from Geberit offers plates in bright chrome, chrome-plated, matt chrome, jet black, gold, red gold, walnut, and concrete look, just to name a few.  

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