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Black Sanitaryware - The Perfect Touch Of Black

Bathrooms are some of the smallest rooms in your home, therefore your first instinct may be to style your bathroom in all-white. But contrary to this belief, dark colors can in fact make this small space feel much wider and spacious. 


Bathrooms are some of the smallest rooms in your home, therefore your first instinct may be to style your bathroom in all-white. But contrary to this belief, dark colors can in fact make this small space feel much wider and spacious. 


If you would like to bring personality to your bathroom, the black basin is an excellent choice. Made from either ceramic or composite, the black basin makes a statement while remaining timeless and adds the “wow” factor to your bathroom.


Black basins are manufactured in South Africa and there’s a wide range available with regards to shape, size, and finishing. You will find round black basins, oval and square black basins in black, matt black, or glossy finish. 



The countertop basin is simply a basin that is mounted to a flat surface. They generally look like a large bowl and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Be sure to add a black pop-up basin waste for the finishing touch.


This beautiful Millstone countertop basin in black from Rossco, adds an eye-catching touch to any bathroom. Mix in a few more black accessories throughout the room to tie the whole look together. 


Be bold and make a statement with this stunning two-tone freestanding black and white basin. Finish your look with a solid black bath or two-tone bath and your bathroom will be transformed into a masterpiece. 



Why not consider this beautiful black freestanding basin for your guest bathroom. Freestanding basins add an instant touch of style to your bathroom.


While not relying on a pedestal, these basins create an extremely up-to-date contemporary look in your bathroom.                 



Ultra-modern wall hung basins or floating basins are a great space saver in smaller bathrooms. Wall-hung basins save floor space and typically have a shorter projection than standard basins. These floating sinks are ideal for smaller bathrooms where space is limited, without sacrificing style. 


Black wall-hung basins instantly transform your space into an elegant design that feels modern, sleek, and clean. Be sure to add the black bottle trap to your wall-hung black basin to complete the look. 


Plumb-It Online offers a wide selection of black countertop basins, black freestanding basins, and black wall-hung basins. Designed by quality brands such as Duravit, Geberit, Grohe and Rossco. 


Black conveys sophistication and chic, two things that never go out of style. 



You would expect a white toilet and a white basin in most bathrooms, but it seems that the black toilet is getting more attention these days. It’s not the conventional choice and for that very reason, the black toilet can add to that wow factor that you want in your bathroom. Black gives the toilet a look of sophistication that the standard white toilet does not offer. 


Take note that all black toilets are imported and therefore your choice with regards to different shapes, sizes, and finishing are very limited. You have a much wider choice in black basins and black baths than in black toilets. 


Duravit offers a complete bathroom solution that is chic, versatile, and timelessly modern. The fine rounded corners of the Happy D.2 wall-hung toilet pan in black give this black toilet its distinctive, archetypal design that brings a new elegance into your bathroom. 


The Koy Wall Mounted toilet in Matt black from Bagnodesign offers a stunning rimless black toilet. Being rimless not only makes the design more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes the toilet bowl easier and quicker to clean. Bacteria and limescale will have no place to hide. 

To complete the black toilet look, finish your bathroom with a black actuator plate.

Plumb-it Online supplies stunning black actuator plates from Geberit, Duravit, Grohe, and Cobra.



As the saying goes, “Go big or go home.” Make the ultimate statement by installing a luxurious freestanding bath with a black outer and white inner.


The Zala Black One Piece freestanding bath offers you a more oval-shaped black-and-white freestanding bath if that fits your style of bathroom better. 


The fact that black baths are manufactured locally, gives you so many options with regards to styles, finishing, and size. Matt black or Glossy black, oval, round, or square, the black bath will be the centerpiece in your bathroom. 


The Cube Composite Bath from Rossco will be the main feature of your bathroom with its striking rectangular shape. 



DADOquartz is making waves by embracing the world of Art. Dado in collaboration with talented local artist, Hilde Alet Malan elevates a traditional bathtub into an extraordinary piece of timeless and functional art.


Please contact Plumb-it Online if you are interested in your own masterpiece.


DADOquartz bathtubs are 100 % solid throughout, non-porous and with a lifetime guarantee, it makes the perfect canvas for your one-of-a-kind artwork from Hilde Alet Malan.


This exceptional work of artistry is the first of its kind and is available only on order with each piece unique to the owner. 


Plumb-it Online supplies a wide selection of oval and rectangular black baths to choose from. There are multiple styles and you are bound to find the one that suits your style. They are produced by Livingstone, Dado, River Range, Rossco, Duravit, and ASP


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